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Dear Sir,
I am glad to see fact checked information on Didcot-Voice as finding the truth today is very difficult. Facebook these days seems to be full of half truths and outright lies. One such page that names itself as the Ladygrove Estate Community Group is a good example to find a lie that is now being repeated as fact by others.
Today I see a post from someone calling themselves Clint White saying, “The County Council have spent over £8m on putting in 20mph zones.” This is a lie.
I did some research and looked at the County Council budget as anyone else can do, here is a link BUDGET  on page 149 You will find that last year 500,000 was spent on the introduction of 20 mph zones and this year there’s a budget provision to spend 1.5 million and up to 2026 a total of 8m might be spent in the whole of Oxfordshire.
This proposal was common knowledge before the last council election and certainly was explained to me when I was canvassed by our local LibDem. We already had the 20mph limit on the Ladygrove that I fully approved of and that’s why I voted along with the majority for the LibDems who seem to value life a lot more than some of those posting on this Facebook page.
Kind Regards
Rachael a resident of the Ladygrove Didcot.

Full name and address of writers will not be published for obvious reasons. The content of this letter has been fact checked and is true. Ed. 

Editors response.
Dear Rachael, I hope the posting of Clint White was just a simple misunderstanding and not an intentional deceit. Perhaps he read this somewhere else and believed it as so many do. I am sure the moderator of the page will point out the true facts or the post is deleted by the writer – time will tell. If it’s not put right, we will all know that the Ladygrove Estate Community Group page is not a trusted source.
Thanks for all your research and a great example to others that the truth is out there if you take the time to look.

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