LibDem Manifesto for 2024

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 The 2024 LibDems manifesto promises real change and is causing concern for both the Labour and Tory parties. For too long, the two major parties have shaped their policies while worrying about upsetting their donors. This manifesto is well-costed and aims to benefit all the people of this country, except for perhaps the top 1% who may not care about the welfare of this country or may not even live here. For real change, vote for Olly Glover, the LibDems candidate, and make him our next MP.

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If you want real change vote LibDems.

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For a century, the two main political parties in Britain have fought to impose their outdated philosophies on the people. One party represents the interests of the rich and powerful, including non-doms who use the country as their personal club, yet refuse to pay their share. They are supported by most of the newspapers and TV channels that they own. This has left many feeling like the Tories only support the wealthy, especially those who do not fully contribute, further widening the gap between this government and the people. Additionally, the media ownership by a select few raises concerns about bias and its impact on public discourse.

On the other hand, the Labour Party is funded by trade unions, and union leaders are elected by a small proportion of their membership. Many of us can remember the internal wars within that party that led to the Winter of Discontent, and the country grinding to a halt with strike after strike.

If you want a political party in government that has the interests of all the people at its heart and believes everyone has the right to equal opportunities regardless of wealth, gender, colour, place of birth, religion or not having a religion, then the Liberal Democrats are for you.

Let's stop the petty tribalism that has been tearing the country apart. Cast a meaningful vote that will make your life and the lives of your loved ones better formany years to come.

I urge you to vote for Olly Glover  the Liberal Democrat candidate and help to heal this country.
 Find out more at LibDems.org.uk/FairDeal

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"Why I will not vote Labour."
"Why I will not vote Tory."

The Scandal of Sewage in our stream

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Thames Water What are you doing?

In Didcot we have a lovely stream that feeds the Thames at Long Wittenham inappropriately called Moor Ditch. There’s a path by the stream that many walk and cycle along, children paddle and play, dogs swim.
Thames Water dumped untreated sewage into the stream come rain or shine about 40% of the time last year.
The CEO has a salary of over a million pounds. Our local MP David Johnston (Con) refused to sign an amendment that would have made this more difficult.
This should make you very angry.

These discharges should only happen in times of very heavy rain as an emergency measure to stop flooding. Thames water does this regularly because they have not built the infrastructure to cope with the waste coming from new homes. They are rewarded for failure. They charge their customers what they want, we can't go elsewhere as they have a monopoly, they are given public money, they pay dividends to investors and they fail to provide a decent service.
No wonder water companies backed and funded the Leave campaign because the EU courts took them to court to protect the health of all of us.

Is this the environment you want for your loved ones?

This is yet another failure of this government as they put donors before the people.

If you would like to do something about it you would be making a great start by voting for Olly Glover LibDems in the next General Election who will take these vandals to task on your behalf.

For real change you might have to change the habits of a lifetime.


Do you agree with the statement below?

"I believe in equal access and opportunity for all, regardless of wealth, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. I believe this is essential for creating a united and prosperous Britain."

If you agree with this statement, you align with the core values of the Liberal Democrats. Your vote on July 4th can help shape the future of our country. You have the power to drive Britain towards a progressive and inclusive future. Please vote for Olly Glover and make him your very own LibDem MP.

The Didcot Voice has the primary purpose of being an online community newspaper for the people of Didcot and surrounding areas with the intention to inform accurately with fact checked articles of interest locally, nationally and occasionally make you laugh.
I offer free classified advertising, and free listing in our local services directory. List your Events for Free too and your sports club all Free.
I am a local resident living on the Ladygrove and this is a hobby and Didcot-Voice does not create any revenue or material reward for me in anyway.

My name is Stephen Cole 74 and retired. I like Rugby, Cycling, food, drink, writing and messing about with Didcot-Voice. 

I am a Didcot Town Councillor and a member of the Liberal Democrats Party but this is NOT an official LibDems publication and NOT an official Didcot Town Council publication what is written here is my responsibility alone.

If you would like to contact me directly EMail

The issue in the forefront of my mind today is the pollution caused by the discharge of sewage into our local stream Moor Ditch by Thames Water.
Here is a link to the Thames Water Sewerage Discharge Map
Everyone should be aware that this is not just an event that takes place after storms but even after moderate rain.

If you would like to have a go at writing an article on anything you like I will publish it as long as it does not offend too much.
You can contact me directly via

Are you Woke ?

The original definition of woke, an adjective, was well-informed, up to date. Now chiefly: alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice. The OED added that word, along with scores of others, in its quarterly update last June.

I am happy to be called 'woke' because the opposite means asleep and ignorant of what is happening around you.
Some, mainly right-wing media, have tried to turn woke into a disparaging word, doing so they promote stupidity as a virtue and being knowledgeable as a sin. This is not a new idea, and a good example is the opposition to the bible being translated from Latin into English. The establishment wanted to keep the population ignorant. It’s all about power and control.

I suggest that if you want to be in control and have knowledge of what is going on around you you need to stay awake - woke.

How Healthy is Didcot?

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There has been recent research that breaks down our life expectancy into post codes in Didcot The Ladygrove is the best place to live if you want to live a long time, I expect that there's a lot more to it than that. If you want to see a larger image click on the picture.

Quote of the day.

"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." — John Lennon

Other News and Info

Neighbourhood Plan Meeting

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At its meeting tonight Didcot Town Council agreed to embark on producing a Neighbourhood Plan.
Speaking in favour of the proposal, Cllr David Rouane said that neighbourhood planning gives communities the power to develop a vision for their area and influence local planning decisions. They can identify and safeguard green spaces and areas for facilities such as a cemetery or allotments.
He dismissed suggestions that this was too expensive or too difficult. "Long Wittenham and East Hagbourne can do it, but it is too difficult for Didcot?"
"I was not surprised that, after nearly 6 months of consideration, a working party which circulated its report to all councillors, and a number of briefings for councillors from the SODC planners, the Labour Group once again tried to defer the decision.
"As Cllr Khan's comments about the Garden Town Project in last week's Herald show, previous Town Councils, both Labour and Conservative, have seen themselves as spectators rather than participants in the development of Didcot, preferring to snipe from the side lines rather than put forward their own ideas. That is why we have the developments that we have.
The new Liberal Democrat administration won't just complain that others "Dump on Didcot", it will actively take steps to prevent it.

Link to Neighbourhood Planning

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I see that the Didcot Wave leisure centre is going to receive a funding of £133,129 for new gym equipment. The gym, which is situated in Newlands Avenue, Didcot, will be equipped with new cardio and resistance gym equipment early next year. The centre aims to provide state of the art equipment, including some self-powered items that will reduce the energy consumption of Didcot Wave. It is owned by South Oxfordshire District Council and managed by GLL, the leisure contractor that manages the district's Better UK leisure facilities on behalf of the council.

Stopped! Residents win.

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LibDems take note of residents' concerns over all-night burger buyers.
McDonald's has been told it cannot sell hot meals past midnight in Didcot.
It was obvious to LibDem councillors that the sale of burgers would cause a flow of traffic into the car park on Broadway and all night gatherings causing disturbance to residents opposite.
The fast food giant had applied for a licence to serve burgers, fries and other hot food from 11 pm to 5 am.
Local residents raised objections and the LibDem council listened.

Gove plans more polution.

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EU-era water pollution restrictions for housing developments are to be scrapped in a bid to build more homes, the government has announced.
Gove plans to pollute more of our rivers.

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Crime in your Area

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Speed Kills

"According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), at 20mph there is a 1.5% chance of being fatally injured, compared to an 8% chance at 30mph."

30 or 20mph in Didcot?

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Didcot and District Archaeological and Historical Society

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The past can tell us a lot about our future. Hover on image for larger view.

Fix myStreet

Most of the foot and cycle paths/streets are the responsibility of Oxfordshire County Council so click Fixmystreet above and it will take you straight to the place to fix a problem.

For a map of the areas of responsibility of the councils.

Fix my Street

How The Councils Work

"or who does what unto whom"
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Don't Shoot the Messenger.

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People don’t like bad news and in ancient Greek mythology the messengers were killed. The equivalent of killing the messenger today is spouted by this government’s spokes people like Michael Gove calling scientists Cassandras, a Greek Goddess, trying to belittle them. If he had done some research, he would see the flaw in his argument as Cassandra’s prophecies came true!
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Picture of the day 

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If you would like a picture here - perhaps one you have painted email and attach it and I will display it as long as it’s appropriate.

Regarded as his masterpiece, Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss (1907–08) (which he named The Lovers) was the shimmering pinnacle of the artist’s so-called “Golden Phase,” when ornamental gold leaf featured prominently in his canvases.